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US Republican Senators Interfere with Iranian Foreign Policy Negotiations

Tuesday March 10, 2015

bill press
Bill Press

What’s the penalty for treason? Life in prison without parole? Or death by hanging? Perhaps 47 Republican Senators should have thought about that before they all signed a letter to the Supreme Ayatollah of Iran, warning him not to make a deal with President ObamaSABOTAGE_CAN_OUTWEIGH_PRODUCTION_-_NARA_-_515321.tif. This is the Second Act for Republicans who would rather go to war against Iran than try to reach an agreement with Iran to drop its pursuit of nuclear weapons. First, they invite Bibi Netanyahu to attack negotiations with Iran. Now, they try to sabotage any deal with this letter.

But think about what it means. We’re not alone. We’re at the table with leaders of China, France, Germany, Russia, and Britain. While the United States and our negotiating partners are trying to convince Iran to abandon its nuclear program in return for lifting sanctions against the country – a group of all Republican Senators send a letter to Iran trying to queer the deal.

First, Republicans used Netanyahu to undermine President Obama’s attempts at diplomacy. Now, they’re using the Ayatollah.

In my book, by any definition, that, my friends is treason.

That’s my parting shot for today. I’m Bill Press.

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